Milk Air Elimination at Reception

In Pakistan dairies are small; collection is confined to nearby farms. The micro-organisms in the milk could be kept under control with chilling. Milk during handling pumping absorbs lots of air in it which will disturb sensory parameters of milk like taste, odor & color. Dairies have special milk receiving areas to control the entry of the milk coming from farms. Milk on reception passes through air eliminators that collects the air from the incoming milk through various means of vacuum creations. This enhances milk quality parameters before processing.

The presence of undesired air and gases in liquid food products frequently leads to deterioration in product quality in physical, chemical and sensory terms. All product processing, which for example includes pumping and various mixing processes, will automatically disperse or/and incorporate air into the mixture. In addition, some raw materials contain gases, most of which are not desirable.

The main objectives for air elimination, deaeration and deodorizing of food products are: improved product quality, increased shelf life and storage stability, reduction of overall production costs, and improved process control

The Milk Reception Unit receives milk and liquid milk products for a milk processing plant. The unit deaerates, measures, and pumps the product for buffering or further treatment. In Pakistan air elimination process is getting popular at dairies in receiving the milk from other farms.