Frequently Asked Questions

Why DAT?

At DAT, we believe that true customer engagement is possible only when a good project is backed by responsive and attentive service and after sales support. To meet the customer need & to provide prompt solution after sales we have a separate department, engaging dedicated professionals to take care of our valued customers.

DAT main focus?

Our main focus is on improving customer operations through reducing operational costs, increasing production capacity, and enhancing product safety. DAT can deliver all stages of upgrades from assessment to implementation and support. Our leading position in supplying process and automation expertise will deliver proven production solutions through:

  • Innovative and reliable automation technology
  • Extensive component knowledge
  • Cost effective migration of controls and HMI software and hardware
  • Expendable connectivity to line efficiency reports, traceability, and inventory analysis

DAT availability?

For a DAT customer, anywhere across Pakistan, a Customer Care Executive is just an email away. We are always ready to provide a prompt solution & service. Just send us an email on

DAT responsive action?

Our trained Engineers and Technicians after receiving a feedback from client, analyze the root cause of the problem & provide immediate solution to resolve the problem. Our commitment and services focused on customer satisfaction.

DAT upgrade solutions?

As a total solution provider and long-term partner, DAT offers a wide range of customized and pre-built upgrade solutions for our complete systems and processing components. We address competitive market demands, food safety concerns, government regulations, and the challenges of swift technological advancement.

DAT distinctive support & services?

For our customers, we have a special support programme. At the time of installation & commissioning, our engineers train local plant operators and technicians the know-how, as to how to rectify & handle a problem in the plant if any problem arises. The training imparted is both rigorous and regular to ensure that the technology used in DAT’s project is clearly understood by the local technicians. We also have special Service Manuals on each project which is given to the customer at the time of handing over the plant.

DAT technical field services?

DAT is comprised of a knowledgeable team of highly skilled field service engineers and courteous administrative staff dedicated to provide quality service to our customers.

  • Component, module and systems expertise
  • 24-hour, seven days a week technical support
  • Emergency dispatch of service personnel

We welcome customer feedback and suggestions at Your feedback and suggestions are of great value to us. It will help us to further improve our products and services.