Beverage Processing

Manufacturers of soft drinks, fruit & vegetable juices nectars get the most out of ingredients with high repeatability and accuracy when taking advantage of our heat transfer, separation and fluid handling technologies for batch and continuous processing.

Dairy Automation Technologies provides various innovative equipment in the Beverage industries for different processes. We design, fabricate and install the following critical systems;

Mixing & blending Systems

Precise and uniform mixing and blending is essential in many beverage applications. DAT designed systems contribute to an effective process and a high-quality end product.The system provided by DAT is a skid-mounted unit used for continuous blending of liquid components & powder ingredients of simple & finished syrups. It achieves a perfect pre-defined blend recipe with great ease of operation. This ensures a product conforming to pre-defined standards.

Mixing & Blending Systems Flow Chart

Carbonation systems

The Carbonation systems are used in the beverage industries to dose carbon-dioxide(CO2) in the final product. Our systems are accurate and simple in working and are cost-effective in operation. The system injects CO2 gas in to the liquid in the right proportion to achieve the best results. The rate of dosing of CO2 can be monitored and controlled with a CO2 measuring device. Less maintenance costs and efficient production are the striking features of our units.

Deaeration systems

The Deaerating systems are for value-addition of a product. These systems are used to produce deaerated water in the Beverage industry to minimize the damages to final product through oxidation during mixing of treated water with finished syrup. Dairy Automation Technologies beverage processing solutions help you overcome these challenges by reducing production costs, cutting energy, water and utilities consumption as well as ensuring food safety.

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